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About Hope

Equine Body Work

  • Animal Communication

  • Myofacial Release

  • Muscle & Deep Tissue Massage

  • Tellington TTouch Method ®

  • Emotion Code Balancing ®

  • Rehabilitation for Neglected & Abused Horses

  • Support for Horse & Rider Connection

  • Training Needs or Behavioral Issues in English & Western Disciplines



Horses are powerful teachers if we know how to interpret the lessons they offer.  Hope O'Brien has ridden in every discipline over the last four decades and utilized the principles of natural horsemanship, combined with the tenets of Nonviolent Communication, and she believes that the connection between equine and human is deeply intuitive.  Her intention is to assist in bridging any gap in the sacred relationship between horse and guardian. 

Having mentored with experts from across the globe, Hope's cumulative education allows for a unique brand of training and energy healing - taking the mystery out of communication and connection with our horses, utilizing multiple modalities.   

Cynthia Ruddy, horse owner

I was looking for someone to help me with my young (7-year-old) horse to overcome a traumatic accident and regain his confidence.  I was introduced to Hope a few years ago and decided to call on her.  She stepped up immediately to help me with caring and love.   She has great skills and experience with equine therapy massage, chiropractic technique, and myofascial release, coupled with a deep knowledge of equine anatomy.  She also possesses amazing insight into equine psyche. My horse loved her, and I do too!  I highly recommend her for equine body work.   


Milton, Tennessee 37118, USA




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