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Why does my horse need body work?

Horses by nature are not lazy, stubborn, or violent. They are just in pain.

My job is to assess where the horse is hurting by how they present themselves with body posture and willingness for eye contact and behavior.

I approach with the intention: “show me where it hurts”.  It is from here that I open myself to communicate with the horse to see their willingness to tell me their story. This form of animal communication helps me to understand why the body holds trauma in certain places. I continue by looking at the symmetry of the face:  alignment of the eyes in the skull, balance of the eyeball in the socket, the symmetry of the nostrils, the way the hair lays on the skin, and the overall posture of head placement and body movement. I will watch for footfall, cadence, and length of stride and suppleness through the barrel.

From there I continue with the opening of the sacral area, then go to the pole and work my way back along the top line. I use a series of stretches, vertebra and rib placement, and myofascial release technique to help

the overall balance of the system.

Because cellular memory is a powerful thing, I often give the horse’s owner homework to do, exercises to repeat, during the week to help counterbalance the influence of cellular memory.

It is important to understand that the intelligence our bodies hold is not just in our brain, but in all of the organ systems that combine to make us a living being.  When life events happen, whether they are normal and every day or unexpected shocking circumstances, we feel and sense through each moment in order to make sense of our world. Horses do the exact same thing.

How a horse is treated as it is raised up, no matter the discipline, the experience of its life is recorded in the body or rather held in the muscles, bones, connective, tissue, and organ systems.

My goal is to uncover and understand the reason symptoms exist, wether physical or behavioral. 

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Milton, Tennessee 37118, USA




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